Upgrading to Native $RUNE

If you own BEP2 or ERC-20 $RUNE, and you would like to upgrade it to the Native $RUNE, THORWallet DEX has you covered. Read on to find out how to do this in our app. The first thing you will have to do if you hold your BEP2 or ERC-20 $RUNE on a centralized exchange is sending it to the THORWallet DEX app. If you have BEP2 $RUNE, please send it to your $BNB address in the app. Similarly, if you have ERC-20 $RUNE, send it to your $ETH address. After the transaction is approved, you will see the token in your wallet.

BEP2 $RUNE in your wallet

Upgrading from here is very simple. Click on the asset, and on its page, you will see an “Upgrade” button, click it and follow the on-screen instructions. In oder to perform the upgrade, you must have some BNB in you wallet if your are upgrading from BEP2 or ETH if you are upgrading from ERC-20 in order to pay for the transaction fee.

Upgrade button

After the transaction goes through, you will arrive at the following screen and the upgrade is complete:

Successful $RUNE upgrade

You can check that the upgrade was successful by going to the Native $RUNE asset page under actions:

Upgrade Tx in actions on the native $RUNE asset page




The THORChain community wallet

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The THORChain community wallet

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