THORWallet now listed on $DOGE website wallet section!

1 min readOct 28, 2022

Exciting news is coming from the DOGE universe. THORWallet has been listed in the Wallets section of the DOGE website. This was possible thanks to the joint effort of our fantastic community and THORWallet’s business development team.

THORWallet is officially recognised DOGE wallet

Being on the official website means a lot to us as we can get closer to the DOGE community. By using THORWallet, any DOGE holder now has the opportunity to earn #RealYield on their DOGE holdings by providing liquidity to the DOGE pool on THORChain. You can currently enjoy 12.2% APR on all your $DOGE deposits.

DOGE pool in THORWallet DEX

We hope to hear from the DOGE community how they like this news. Let us know on our Twitter or Discord Channel!


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