THORWallet MISO Launch

Phase 2 of the THORWallet IDO will start at 13:00GMT on 20 December on MISO.

  1. THORWallet IDO on MISO
  2. TGT-ETH Pool on Sushi
  3. CEX Listing
  4. TGT-RUNE Pool on THORChain
  5. TGT Incentive Program & NFT Holders

THORWallet is the mobile super app for the THORChain community that are crypto natives, enabling all desired THORFi features for iOS.

Download and try iOS here:

1. A Few Key Facts On the Miso Launch

After a succesful THORStarter launch where we sold out in 1min 36 seconds our IDO will continue with our Phase 2 Launch on MISO. This is your chance to get enough $TGT for your Community or Community Plus tier or a General & Commander NFT.

Where: Sushi MISO

Auction Start: 13:00 GMT 20 December 2021

Auction Ending: 19:00 GMT 21 December 2021 (30h Duration)

Starting Price: $1.5/TGT (this price is not yet final and may be adjusted)

Reserve Price: $0.075/TGT

Allocation: 10-20m TGT (this allocation is not yet final and may be adjusted slightly)

Payment currency: USDC

Dutch Auction on MISO

Dutch Auctions are a unique way to launch a token and we think will become increasingly popular because they ensure fair and market driven price discovery. Dutch Auctions are resistant to manipulation by whales and can’t be front-run by bots ensuring the best outcome for the wider community.

Participants individually decide at which point they’re happy with a token price and commit their funds — yet the auction continues until everyone is happy with the token price. At the end everyone buying will be getting the cheapest possible token.

(UPDATED) Example:

If your fair TGT price is $1.3, you execute the transaction when the auction hits that price. The auction will continue to run until all 20m TGT are used up. Then the final auction price will be determined based on the cumulative bids from participants. In other words, the token price will continue to decrease, and the final auction price is lower than the token price when you placed your original bid, at the end of the sale you will simply receive a greater amount of tokens for the same amount of USDC that you committed to pay. That’s why it is important to make the transaction at the price you think is the fair market value.

For more information about Dutch Auctions have a look here: How To Video of Sushi MISO.

We want to have a fair price discovery for early stakeholders and believe that a Dutch auction on MISO is the right way to do so. Furthermore, we didn’t want phase 1 participants to wait any longer to unlock their $TGT, especially since the app is production ready and deserves to have a working token as a crucial puzzle-piece in its utility.


Pool details:

Pool commencement: 21 December 2021 (shortly after the Dutch Auction)

Staking rewards: Start at 1,200 % APY (claimed in TGT)

The Sushi pool will open shortly after the conclusion of the auction. Phase 1 $TGT will be claimable at this stage. The pool will offer very lucrative rewards as a bonus for our early TGT holders and will be the one of many rewards to come for our community.

3. CEX Listing

No crypto project will ever reach its full potential without a CEX listing and to be among the first THORchain ecosystem projects on a CEX is a huge step forward. Although many of us DeFi degens have a love-hate relationship with our CEXs, a CEX listing is crucial to ensure wider access to the token. As we will eventually deploy a ‘Normie’ friendly version of the wallet and because we are working hard to make DeFi accessible to as many people as we can, the CEX listing will be a gateway for newer members of the crypto community to come to our wallet and dip their toe into DeFi.

4. TGT-RUNE Pool on THORChain

We will launch a pool on THORChain as soon as we can, but as the attention of the TC team has refocused on their core product, this will have to be delayed for now. Whilst the last minute cancellation of TC IDOs has been frustrating for us, it is ultimately the best decision for the TC ecosystem and we want to see TC succeed. We are happy to wait patiently on the sidelines and the second we can, you’ll see TGT on TC.

5. $TGT Incentive Programs & NFT Holders

We are excited to introduce the THORWallet Incentive Program for $TGT and THORWallet Army NFT holders which will be waiting for you after the MISO launch.

  • $TGT buyback & burn increase to 50%

During the THORChain Weeky Ecosystem Chat hosted by @archon_0x, THORWallet announced it will increase its buyback & burn of $TGTs from 20% to 50% with immediate effect. This decision was made after securing a 3rd private round with strategic investors, as it boosted treasury significantly to ramp up development and increased the runway.

  • Single-sided $TGT staking

⚡ Starting at 800 % APY

🧑‍🌾 Staking rewards are claimed in $TGT

Staking will be available directly through the ThorWallet iOS mobile app and are counted towards the community tiers (Community & Community Plus) Single-sided staking will also be available on the website whilst the finishing touches are put on the Android app. The Android app will be available later this year.

Single sided staking in mobile wallet
  • $TGT-$ETH Sushi LP staking

⚡ Starting at 1,200 % APY

🧑‍🌾 Staking rewards are claimed in $TGT

Liquidity providers in the $TGT-$ETH Sushi pool can stake their LP tokens for rewards.

  • 10m $TGT THORWallet Referral Program

Introduce THORWallet to a friend and you and your friend will receive a referral reward in $TGT. We intend to activate this program in Q1 2022 and allocate 10m $TGT for referral rewards.

  • THORWallet Mission Rewards

THORWallet missions are an integral part of the THORWallet ecosystem, especially as we gradually expand to the retail consumer market. Missions will include swapping and LP through our mobile app and will be rewarded with $TGT. The first missions are planned to roll out this quarter and will be expanded next year.

  • THORWallet Army NFT

After selling out the THORWallet Soldiers, the army soon gets some additional influx of generals and commanders after TGT is widely available. Both are free to mint, you only need to hold enough $TGT to qualify to mint. We continue to give them special treatment throughout our journey.

Commanders and Generals available with $TGT lanch

Join us here:

Official Website:


Telegram Group:

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Discord Channel:

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The THORChain community wallet

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The THORChain community wallet

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