THORWallet Incentive Program

3 min readNov 14, 2021


We are excited to announce the THORWallet Incentive Program for $TGT and THORWallet Army NFT holders.


  • $TGT buyback & burn increase to 50%

During the THORChain Weeky Ecosystem Chat hosted by @archon_0x, THORWallet announced it will increase its buyback & burn of $TGTs from 20% to 50% with immediate effect. This decision was made after securing a 3rd private round with strategic investors, as it boosted treasury significantly to ramp up development and increased the runway.

  • Single-sided $TGT staking

⚡ Starting at 800 % APY

🧑‍🌾 Staking rewards are claimed in $TGT

Staking will be available directly through the ThorWallet iOS mobile app. Single-sided staking will also be available on the website whilst the the finishing touches are put on Android app. The Android app will be available later this year.

single sided staking in mobile wallet
  • $TGT-$ETH Sushi LP staking

⚡ Starting at 1,200 % APY

🧑‍🌾 Staking rewards are claimed in $TGT

Liquidity providers in the $TGT-$ETH Sushi pool can stake their LP tokens for rewards.

  • Liquidity providing in $TGT-$RUNE pool on THORChain

⚡ Starting at 1,200 % APY

🧑‍🌾 Rewards will be sent directly to liquidity pool, no claiming needed. Liquidity providing on THORChain includes impermanent loss protection.

Please note that APY is not displayed on all interfaces automatically. You can get current APYs in our THORWallet mobile app.

  • 10m $TGT THORWallet Referral Program

Introduce THORWallet to a friend and you and your friend will receive a referral reward in $TGT. We intend to activate this program in Q1 2022 and allocate 10m $TGT for referral rewards.

  • THORWallet Mission Rewards

THORWallet missions are an integral part of the THORWallet ecosystem, especially as we gradually expand to the retail consumer market. Missions will include swapping and LP through our mobile app and will be rewarded with $TGT. The first missions are planned to roll out this quarter and will be expanded next year.

THORWallet Army NFT

After selling out the THORWallet Soldiers, the army soon gets some additional influx of generals and commanders after TGT is widely available. We continue to give them special treatment throughout our journey.

Do not forget to claim your limited THORWallet cap that is linked to your NFT.

220 available for commanders & generals.

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