Thorwallet adds Visa Debit Card & Swiss Bank Account for a Game-Changing Crypto Neo-Banking Experience

4 min readJun 1, 2023


In a move that is sure to shake up the world of cryptocurrency, Thorwallet has announced the addition of Swiss crypto banking and VISA debit card services to its suite of offerings.

THORWallet — a non custodial DeFi wallet — will offer FIAT card and banking services.

Free Swiss Bank Account & VISA Debit Card

This marks a significant step towards a more complete crypto neo-banking experience, as users can now use their Thorwallet debit card to make purchases in the same way they would with a traditional bank-issued debit card. Furthermore, every user gets access to a Swiss-based bank account with integrated CHF, USD, EUR, and GBP fiat accounts.

Thorwallet is a non-custodial DeFi wallet offering all crypto related activities like swapping, lending, borrowing, and the industry’s first DeFi savings accounts. Pure DeFi. This means that all those banking services are accessible by anyone with a mobile phone and internet access, with no intermediary or middleman.

Thorwallet Repeatedly Redefining DeFi: Unleashing the Next Frontier

THORWallet already revolutionized interoperability as it was the first wallet to allow true cross-chain trades, including native BTC. Now, Thorwallet doubles down on its mission to bring decentralized finance to the masses by including lean banking services like its own SWISS Bank account and debit card.

By providing a complete DeFi experience, Thorwallet is helping to pave the way for the mainstream adoption of digital currencies. With its emphasis on security, convenience, and ease of use, Thorwallet’s debit card is sure to be a hit with users around the world.

THORWallet integrates a real Swiss bank account & Visa card into it’s non-custodial DeFi wallet.

One of the key benefits of using a Thorwallet VISA card is the security it provides. As a non-custodial wallet, Thorwallet does not hold the user’s private keys, providing a high level of security to users’ funds. The debit card allows users to spend their funds easily without having to move them out of their Thorwallet account. When a user wants to use their funds for the debit card, they can simply transfer USDC to the designated account and start spending right away.

Bank Account Available in 100 Countries

The Thorwallet DeFi services are accessible all around the world. The crypto banking services (Swiss IBAN) will be available in around 100 countries except US, China, and Russia. The debit card will launch in Europe.

THORWallet VISA Card

The addition of a debit card to Thorwallet’s services is a game-changer for the world of cryptocurrency, as it represents a significant step towards mainstream adoption of digital currencies, further enhancing the user experience for Thorwallet’s customers.

“This is a remarkable milestone, there are not many crypto debit card services available and the fact that this enabled by a non-custodial wallet brings a new set of possibilities to our users” said Marcel Harmann, CEO of Thorwallet. “For the first time, our app offers the best of two worlds. Users can hold their crypto, swap, send, save, lend, and borrow through our DeFi-based platform, which is accessible to anyone with a mobile phone and is entirely non-custodial, meaning users are always in control of their funds. With the addition of Swiss crypto banking and debit card services, users can now choose to interact with the traditional system and use their crypto directly with a bank account or debit card, providing a complete crypto neo-banking experience that’s unmatched in the industry.”

Free VISA Card and three Card Tiers

Thorwallet’s Swiss crypto banking and debit card services bring several enticing features to users. The Visa Debit card and Swiss bank account is offered free of charge in cooperation with Fiat24, with a monthly transaction volume of up to $100,000. Opening the bank account requires users to undergo the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process with our partner.

Thorwallet introduces three card tiers:

  • Standard: no cashback, no TGT stake needed
  • Community Silver Card: 35,000 TGT staked, 1x cashback pool multiplier
  • Community Plus Gold Card: 350,000 TGT staked, 2.5x cashback pool multiplier
Community Plus VISA Gold

One standout feature is the monthly cashback pool, where users can earn rewards based on the community activity. The cashback pool accumulates rewards from the overall spending volume of the community with the Thorwallet VISA Card and redistributes them to the users with a certain multiplier.

With these features, Thorwallet revolutionizes the crypto neo-banking experience, empowering users with seamless access to financial services while embracing decentralized finance.

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