The THORWallet Army — highly limited NFT series

4 min readOct 5, 2021

As announced earlier through our Twitter channel we will soon launch our highly limited NFT series — the THORWallet Army.

We are an army of 2220 elite members — noble fighters for justice with integrity and immense will power. We use our strengths for the weak and help community members when support is needed.

With them you can not only show your true commitment but unlock valuable premium features in the wallet, such as live-long 0% affiliate trading fees.

It is the first NFT that unlocks real premium features and is also linked to a physical good. A THORWallet cap limited to 220 pieces for Commanders & Generals.

Only 20 THORWallet Commanders available. Highest tier premium features included.

The THORWallet Army

We have a total of 2220 NFTs. Each one is free, however you will need a certain amount of TGT or in case of the Soldier TGT or XRUNE.

This means that the Commander or General is only available after our $TGT IDO as you need to hold enough $TGT in your wallet. The Soldier is already available before our IDO, as XRUNE is already freely available.

  • Commander (limited to 20): Cap, no affiliate fees, all premium features, own Commander’s chat
  • General (limited 200): Cap, reduced affiliate fees, all premium features, own Generals’s chat
  • Soldier (limited 2000): reduced affiliate fees, own Soldier’s chat
The THORWallet Army NFTs

The THORWallet NFTs play an important role in the future of THORWallet. We believe that NFTs are amazing for many reasons: They are not only beautiful artwork but a great tool for community building and communication. Furthermore they give a platform or wallet the possibility to link it with premium features to add additional value. We also plan to have the avatars displayed in your wallet.

Therefore we have integrated NFTs as an integral part of our community tier strategy and plan to issue more down the road:

NFTs play an integral part of THORWallets community tier strategy.

The THORWallet Cap

The Commanders and Generals can claim a unique THORWallet Cap. Only 220 are ever to be produced (20 Commanders + 200 Generals). If you have a Commander or General NFT reach out to us and we will verify via signing a message that you truly are the holder of the NFT. After that, we will ship the cap to you.

Inside each cap you will have a lable with your NFT number (1–220) and QR code linked to it. Bellow is a mockup of how it will look like:

Each cap with unique lable linked to your NFT.

How to get them?

We will announce on Twitter and our Telegram Channel the time when the Smart Contract is live to mint. Here are the steps:

  1. use Chrome or Firefox to open
  2. connect your Metamask or XDEFI wallet

3. make sure you hold your XRUNE (or later TGT) in that particular wallet (staked or LP’d XRUNE are not possible). For the Soldier before our TGT IDO you need to have 1000 XRUNE (or more).

If it looks like this you are set to go on the 6.10.21 at 2pm CEST:

4. mint your NFT

5. After minting you will receive a notification that you’ve successfully joined the THORWallet Army. You can refresh your browser, connect again your wallet and see your NFT.

6. Alternatively you can go on Opensea and search for your ETH address. This takes a few minutes as Opensea needs to index.

Preview of minting site.

7. In order to get your avatar and the premium features in THORWallet you need to transfer the NFT to your first ETH address in THORWallet (this will be activated later in THORWallet)

There is another way to mint your NFT through direct interaction with the smart contract on etherscan.

  1. Use Chrome or Firefox to open
  2. connect your Metamask or XDEFI wallet
  3. mint your NFT with the mint function (3)

4. To see you NFT go on Opensea and search for your ETH address. This takes a few minutes as Opensea needs to index.

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