The First Multi-chain
DEX Aggregator is available in THORWallet DEX.

2 min readAug 8, 2022

Dear THORWallet DEX community,

We are very excited to announce that we are once again a step closer to providing you with the ultimate all-in-one crypto app. The integration of Rango Exchange, the first multi-chain DEX aggregator, brings vast new swapping possibilities. With this integration, you can swap 10,000+ assets between all chains (ETH, Cosmos, Avax, Solana, +40 more), allowing you to handle all your crypto transactions from one place, the THORWallet DEX App.

Multi-chain DEX Aggregator Available in our App

The integration starts with swaps across EVM chains integrated by Rango Exchange, but over time all of the chains will be available, offering the best UX in the industry. EVM swapping gets supercharged with Rango Exchange’s integration of 1inch, Paraswap and other platforms; users can now swap between any EVMs within the app. This integration is also the first step beyond the THORChain ecosystem, bringing the whole crypto universe to our users.

Rango Exchange Multi-chain DEX Aggregator

Make sure to join THORWallet DEX official channels such as Discord, Twitter, Telegram or Medium, where we will post all updates related to this integration. Besides this, you can expect a banner in the mobile app, making it super easy to access the new feature.

Let us know how you like this new functionality, and tell us what other features you would like to have in the ultimate all-in-one app.


Your THORWallet DEX team

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