9. THORWallet AMA 2022–08–19

Recording of the AMA

Summary of the THORWallet AMA

Update on THORWallet’s KPIs:

Discussion on the Crypto market and regulation

Opinion on general crypto market sentiment

Sanctioning of Tornado Cash by the U.S. Treasury

General view on regulation in DeFi

The BEP2 $RUNE Killswitch is live

Update on recent developments

FIAT on & off-ramp powered by Mt. Pelerin

THORWallet DEX introduces multi-chain DEX aggregation powered by Rango Exchange

Integration of Cosmos’s $ATOM

Continuous release of new features for our WebApp

New Sudoswap pool for THORWallet DEX Army NFTs

Quarterly $TGT Burn

Marketing Updates

Upcoming Milestones

We answered many more questions from the community in the AMA, so if you want to get all the updates, make sure to check out the recording above.



The THORChain community wallet

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